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Simply enter the URL of the article and click the archive buttons to remove any paywall.

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What is Archive Buttons?

Archive buttons is a collection of the top archive and remove paywall websites. These are the best ways to remove the paywall on any article you may want to read. The reason you may want to test out different websites is because not all of them work to remove the paywall on all articles. Some archive and remove paywall websites only work on some articles. However, with multiple sites, there is a very good chance at least one will work to remove the paywall.

How does Archive Buttons work?

The idea is pretty simple. We collected the top archive and remove paywall websites and got them to work from one url. This way you can enter your article url and find at least one website that has that article without a paywall.

Is this Legal?

Yes, this is completely legal. We direct users to third party websites that remove the paywall. We are not connected to these websites. Also, archiving websites are completely legal. So you can read articles without paywalls and without any worries.

What websites does it work for?

We tested this on hundreds of the top news websites and it has not failed yet. There was always at least one website that was able to remove the paywall.

Is this free?

Absolutely! We are glad people can remove paywalls on articles and read them for free. Enjoy free news!